Tradition, elegance, functionality and lightness are the synthesis of GTV collections, which have always distinguished themselves in the most refined places. The wide diffusion of Thonet has been possible thanks to Michael Thonet, who in the second half of the XIXth century realized the first seats mass production.
The mass production process by keeping very high quality standards has encouraged the product circulation at an

international level: starting from Viennese historical locals, where the Thonet chairs became the most typical bar chairs, products appeared in the most refined hotels, restaurants and theatres all over the world. GTV has got a “contract” division, which deals with the big international supplies and looks for solutions able to fulfil the requirements of the most varied places.

Unless otherwise indicated, the images and/or photographs reproduced in this ‘Contract’ section belong to the respective authors or their successors in title. Upon requests from the authors, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH will include any relevant credits. If the author or the successor in title wishes to remove images or photographs from this section, he/she  can contact Ms. Caterina Moiso at the e-mail address

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