Lounge Chairs & Sofa

Designer: Lucidipevere
Year: 2017

Preferring a choice that goes against the grain in relation to the company’s classical aesthetics while nevertheless remaining delicate and casual, the design of the new Chignon chair by LucidiPevere offers a balance between softness and lightness with a veiled retro touch. The entirely curved wood structure is designed to envelope and enclose the sinuosity of the chair, acting as a support for the comfortable and voluminous seat and the soft, fun seatback. These elements are brought together by two beechwood curls – GTV’s formal stylistic trait par excellence – resembling a kind of coiffure. The result is intentionally feminine in form. It is not delicate and slender but shapely and voluptuous, with an intensely iconic presence that makes it perfect for defining any domestic space, and also for creating a relaxing atmosphere in a work environment.


Dimensions mm
Height 740
Width 920
Depth 820


Data Sheet 3D Model 2D Model


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