L’évolution de GTV : de l’étiquette à la blockchain

Thanks to its innovative blockchain service, Gebruder Thonet Vienna certifies the true uniqueness of its products in a fast and secure way. Affixed in the form of a QR code on each piece of furniture inside the iconic gold coin, this type of marking allows customers to trace back all informations regarding the product purchased and have an official certificate attesting its authenticity. In fact, the blockchain service has a dual value, which protects the customer and the company at the same time: while it’s possible to bundle all the informations regarding a product, offering the customer maximum transparency, blockchain is also a useful tool in the fight against counterfeiting.Gebruder Thonet Vienna’s signature products have a long history of marks and references that certify their authenticity. From the earliest laminated wood chairs, Michael Thonet decided to distinguish his products with brand marks imprinted on the inside of the seats and on some of the legs of the renowned chairs. These markings, consisting of easy-to-understand letters or numbers, were meant to help assemble the chairs.

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