Gebrüder Thornet Vienna GmbH – sponsoring the green spaces of the city of Turin by safeguarding the Giardino Lamarmora

One of the key drivers of Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH’s strategy has always been environmental protection. In choosing to take part in the sponsorship scheme announced by the City of Turin, the company will work to safeguard and promote the city’s green spaces.platani-lamarmora

The green area in question is the attractive, centrally-located Giardino Lamarmora, designed in 1863 by Barillet-Deschamps, the famous landscape gardener who was also tasked with renovating the Prater in Vienna. The Viennese connection is certainly deep-rooted: GTV originally hails from the Austrian capital, while the Turin headquarters of the company – the leader of Production Furniture International – is located not far from the garden in the heart of Turin. A dialogue between the past, present and future, rooted in nature: the hallmark of the company’s philosophy.

Otherwise known as the Giardino dei Bersaglieri (The Garden of the Marksmen), the garden was designed in line with the English squares model and today constitutes a picturesque oasis of calm in the city. Named after one of the most important generals of the Italian Risorgimento, the park houses two monuments dedicated to the Bersaglieri corps. The first, depicting Alessandro Lamarmora himself, was erected by Giuseppe Cassano in 1867, while the second was produced by Giorgio Ceriaoli in 1936 to mark the centenary of the Bersaglieri weapon.

GTV is lending its support to help preserve and promote the garden, which is home to a wide variety of flowers and a diverse range of trees, including magnolias, oaks, limes, chesnuts and ginkgos. The sponsorship programme is set to last 3 years.testalino-verdepubblico5-002

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