New 2021 catalogue

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna presents its new catalogue: an all-encompassing furnishing project

This year like no other before, the company has taken a further leap forward to illustrate its products, adding an unprecedented project to its catalogue pictures. Indeed, the general catalogue has been supplemented with a special insert with an innovative soul:La Saracena, Slow Living”. This new publishing project is accompanied by a short video that tells the story of two characters through images and sounds only, in a poetic, almost film-like way. A new and explosive story, a tale by pictures, which plunges the reader, or the viewer, in an atmosphere suspended in time, an intense dialogue between two characters and the places they inhabit.

Filtered by the camera lens, the gaze of a photographer observes the work of a writer with whom she shares the spaces in this Mediterranean-style villa oozing timeless charm. The tale of a day spent by these two characters who leave tracks behind them: a notebook, a camera, a presence that is really felt in their absence.

Distinguished by a lifestyle that encourages you to enjoy every moment of everyday life, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna products constitute the ongoing pursuit of a balance between the increasingly hectic pace of modern life and the natural and more peaceful state of things: an ode to „slow living”. Hence the decision to set some of the pictures in the new GTV catalogue in a villa on the coast of Lazio with a significant past: La Saracena, in Santa Marinella, just outside Rome. In the middle of the 1950s, this seaside resort was known as “the pearl of the Tyrrhenian coast”, the retreat of the Bergman-Rossellini couple, who welcomed Gregory Peck on a break from filming Roman Holiday, Rock Hudson, Marlon Brando, Federico Fellini and Dino Risi in their white seaside villa. The products blend in seamlessly with this mesmerising setting, thanks to their timeless design, by contrast or by affinity, in an attempt to achieve formal consistency throughout. In such a context, the leitmotif is a collection with a strong personality, capable of satisfying all domestic settings and of accommodating various modern-day styles.

In addition to the insert, the general catalogue has been supplemented with pictures of the latest collection, such as the Beaulieu chair designed by Philippe Nigro and the Säule dining table by Fabio Fantolino and the new product categories: cushions, rugs and a modular screen that recalls Oriental style, which inspired its name: Feng, which is Chinese for “wind or breeze”. With an all-new approach, GTV reveals its stylish designing grammar where every individual product surprises with its sophisticated design, capable of emphasising that concept of timeless elegance.

Click here and download the catalogue and the special insert La Saracena, slow living

Click here and watch again the short video La  Saracena, slow living

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