GTV @Salone del Mobile 2022

On the occasion of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Gebrüder Thonet Vienna (GTV) enriches its collection with novelties and exclusive collaborations with important designers of international caliber: India Mahdavi, Serena Confalonieri and GamFratesi.

Range extensions and new proposals were combined at the GTV stand, a space with an eclectic personality articulated in different environments, from the living area to the sleeping area, where the iconic orange colour, harmonized with the shades of wood and woven cane, was enclosed in an elegant grey frame that highlighted each piece of furniture.

A bright colour palette welcomes the visitor to the Gebrüder Thonet Vienna stand. Shades of green, orange, pink and blue has been combined with vitalism, by the stylist and designer Paola Pastorini, expressing an idea of living in the name of lightness and contemporaneity.

LOOP – design by India Mahdavi

The charm of a handmade design is embodied in furnishings that express the ancestral know-how of the company. In this exercise, in fact, India Mahdavi remained faithful to the movement, supporting the stroke, without lifting the pencil. The leitmotif of the collection is the circle, which defines the boundary in space and wraps around itself before chasing its path, leaving two « loops » in its wake. The sinuous « curls » that characterize both seats, go beyond the limits of the possible: India Mahdavi asks the curved beech wood to redouble its efforts to amplify its beauty and roundness. The Loop armchair enriches the spaces of the house and the convivial environments with its playful and versatile presence. The wooden structure is characterized by the two decorative elements in curved beech that create two circles on the armrests and define the profile of the backrest with a fun spiral effect. The upholstered roller backrest takes up the circular element that defines the collection. India Mahdavi frees the shapes by proposing a palette of colors artfully designed to enhance the furnishings, thanks to a play of contrasting shades. Similar colors, but not identical. The Loop has come full circle.


ARCADIA – design by Serena Confalonieri

Visually light and with a playful character, the Arcadia pouf is characterized by the curved beech wood structure, the company’s heritage with a timeless charm, which supports the large circular padded seat covered in fabric. Serena Confalonieri has been able to dialogue with the company, analyzing its cultural references, studying its materials and working method and then proposing a piece of furniture that is able to fit with ease in private environments as well as in contract spaces.


DETOUR – design by GamFratesi

Its name means « a deviation of a path », not only in physical terms but also as a metaphor for a change along a path. Its legs create a play of lines, just like a deviation to obtain a more decorative and characteristic sign. Two Vienna straw shells conceal the wooden tops and give lightness to the structure in curved beech wood lacquered black or in natural and feet with brass tips.


MOS – design by GamFratesi

Gebrüder Thonet Vienna expands the Mos project, also by GamFratesi, by proposing a new storage unit with Vienna straw doors. The ellipse shape and the calibrated dimensions characterize this new addition designed as a single element capable of dialoguing with the other furnishing accessories, inserting itself from the living room to the sleeping area as in refined contract lounges. The Vienna straw shell hides the wooden tops while the curved beech wood structure lacquered black or natural is supported by the feet with brass tips. Ideal for the living or dining area.


LUFTBALLONS – design by Gebruder Thonet Vienna GmbH, Valter Cagna (Design Dept.)

Soft lines and sinuous curves are further enhanced in Luftballons, this year’s family of upholstered furniture that stands out for its wide cushioning and intense personality. Inspired by the shapes of the hot air balloon, the collection consists of a three-seater sofa, armchair and lounge chair calibrated in size and proportions: the steam-curved beech structure, GTV style, supports the large padded seat with square shapes ensuring great comfort. Few components with a strong and playful character: Luftballons furnishes the environment without committing the space becoming an excellent solution for the contract.

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