GTV@Paris Design Week 2022

LOOP by India Mahdavi is the protagonist of Paris Design Week

The new collection of LOOP chairs designed by India Mahdavi was chosen by the architect and designer to enrich the spaces of her study and her Parisian showroom, in order to showcase her creative flair on the occasion of the Paris Design Week. Composed of a loungechair and banquette, LOOP has the charm of a handmade design that is embodied in furnishings that express the ancestral know-how of the company. In this exercise, in fact, India Mahdavi remained faithful to the movement, supporting the stroke, without lifting the pencil. The leitmotif of the collection is the circle, which defines the boundary in space and wraps around itself before chasing its path, leaving two “loops” in its wake. The sinuous “curls” that characterize both seats, go beyond the limits of the possible: India Mahdavi asks the curved beech wood to redouble its efforts to amplify its beauty and roundness.

India Mahdavi Showroom | Opening sept 10th / 2-6 pm

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